Webinar: Managing occupational health and safety in construction projects

Himalayan safety solution PVT Ltd conducted the webinar at the topic “Managing occupational health and safety in construction projects” in association with IPTM Nepal. the programme was held at 14th 2020 with the following expert speaker and guest

1. Mr. Shamrose Yaqoob, International OSH Expert

2. Mr. Durga Lal Sharma, OSH Expert

3. Mr. Birendra Raj Pandey, Director, Nepal Adarsha Nirman Co.

The program was chaired by Mr. Rabi Singh, President, FCAN, followed by expert commentators

  1. Er. Naresh Man Shakya, Project Coordinator, BIMP-II, Department of Roads

2. Er. Shakil Manandhar, Deputy Team Leader, LRBSU

Main agenda of discussion was:

  1. Present situation including Policies and Guidelines related to OSH in Nepal

2. Best Practices and Benchmarks of OSH in international market)

3. OSH in the construction sector in Nepal : Perspective of Contractor

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