Outsourcing Competent Manpower

As per the health & safety regulation every company should have a competent person to oversee the health and safety activities within the company. A competent person is someone who has sufficient and adequate training, experience or knowledge and ability to do the job, Himalayan safety can help you in this regard to supply you a competent person who can work in our payroll and we will take care about all his benefits including his annual benefits. It can be a short term or long term contract.

Our expertise in this field can help you to complete the project at less cost compared to taking your own staff. As we are a pioneer in providing various health and safety training courses all the staff work related training will be in our scope which will further reduce the cost associated with the staff training and help you to meet all the applicable legal requirements. 

  • Food safety hygienist, Quality assurance technician, HAACP led, quality control coach, and other competent staff for hospitality industries.
  • Safety officer/safety engineer/Manager, Safety trainer for ally type of industries.
  • Risk Assessor, Project engineer, Permit receiver, Site Supervisor, environmental specialist,
  • First aider, Fire warden/fighter etc…
  • Rigger, welding inspector, quality control engineer and all type of quality technician